Notes for new applicants:
Please make sure you have read the site guidelines which can be found here.
We send out an acknowledgement email to you immediately after you make an application. If you don't appear to have received it then it is highly likely to have gone into your email client's spam folder as will all subsequent correspondence from us.
If you are accepted you will be contacted by email, within 7 days. We are under no obligation to offer a reason to unaccepted applicants, and will not respond to any disputed decision.
Applications not completed in full will be automatically rejected.
- The Bottom Lines website, although having numerous facilities, is primarily a community message forum and as such members are expected to contribute regularly to it. If you feel this is not something you would want or be prepared to do we would suggest not applying as non-posters are regularly culled from the site.

- We're not a dating site so if your primary reason for wanting to join is to find a partner you're likely to be disappointed.
- We're not a chat room site. Although we do have a chat room it tends to get very little use.
- We're not a site for lurkers. If your primary interest is in reading other people's posts rather than making posts yourself then again you're likely to be disappointed.

Bottom Lines prides itself on providing a safe environment for its existing members and with that end in mind we have the following process in place for new members:

- Initially new members will only be able to view and contribute to the Introductions forum.
- Once they have introduced themselves and been welcomed and made a second post they will then be able to view and make posts on the New Arrivals forum.
- Once they have made 10 posts or more they will be able to view and post on all the site's forums as well as send personal messages.

I have read and agree to the site guidelines: