SaraB: Yay!!
Giles: Lets all give Snowy a group hug (careful now)
SaraB: Visiting Boo's bear kin. Gone camping!
SaraB: 137
Kizzy: Best dust me baubles off
SaraB: I have returned!! What? You didn't miss me or notice I was gone?
SaraB: one missed me?
Kizzy: Of course we did....
Giles: Sarah, you are always with us - we feel your presence in the very walls.
SaraB: 100 days from September 15th
debs: How's it hangin' y'all!
SaraB: Nothing hanging here, Debs!
SaraB: 83
SaraB: I need sympathy! I have dental pain.
BooBoo: oh no, the curse of the glazed donut
BooBoo: we will eat them for you instead
SaraB: Boo! the bakery should now offer Glaze Donut Soup!!
SaraB: 65
BooBoo: trombones in the big parade...what did you do with the other 11?
Giles: The 11 pipers piping wanted them for a big-band arrangement?
SaraB: 51
SaraB: 45
Kizzy: 68
SaraB: 35, Kizzy!!!
Kizzy: 63 Sara!!!!!!
SaraB: 5 Kizzy!! 5
Kizzy: 54 Sara 54
Giles: 359 Sara!
Giles: 4 weeks to GLOW ("London Trip")
Snowy: How long to GLOW london trip now?
Giles: You'll be feeling the GLOW in 14 days, Snowy
SaraB: @Giles 299
Giles: Pay attention, sara : 9 N-I-N-E
Giles: (pssst..... 6 now)
SaraB: 292
Giles: THREE
Giles: -- 3 --
Giles: Cooee Sara - it's * 1 *
Giles: How many days to the Easter Bunny?
Sweetdream: Trying this...hi people
Sweetdream: Trying this...hi people
Sweetdream: Trying this...hi people
Sweetdream: Trying this...hi people
Giles: Hi sweetie did you think that hadn't worked - 3 times??
elliej: GOOD MORNING BLOONIES! Just thought i'd try this 'cos I've never used it before.
Giles: good evening ellie welcome to the shoutbox
Giles: (no need to shout, tho! )
elliej: DO ... Bloonies sleep late!
Giles: gd morning ellie - are you awake? (sshh - only 5 am)
Sweetdream: Oh! Look at that! Just found this....
SaraB: 164
Giles: Hello Sara! Just getting back into BL after distractions and hols, and what do I see!
Giles: .. and Hello Everybody. What have I missed?
SaraB: Hi Giles! You've been missed.
Giles: Thankee, m'dear
Batman: Oh dear!! SD found out about our little chatter box. Another place to watch for mischief
SaraB: I didn't forget!!
Giles: Four to go!
Giles: One more .. I'm nearly there. soon!
Scunge: Anybody else having trouble getting into the Forum?
Snowy: We all are I think I get get into arcade via features.
Giles: On road/family visit 9days so BL posts & msgs may be patchy
Giles: Back home but still working on being back on BL
crumbmouse: Boooooooooooooo